Welcome to the WMOC 2008 Portugal official website! Here you can find all the information about the event.
Check some of the highlights we have for you:
- WMOC new format: Sprint + Long Distance.
- Competition classes from W/M35 to W/M90.
- All competitions will be held in a 25 km radius within the area of Pinhal de Leiria.
- Tourism programs and Cultural activities.
- Beaches, Monuments, Gastronomy - enjoy the Portuguese sun and good weather!
And much more...

So give us the pleasure to meet you, we'll do the rest!

POF - Portuguese Orienteering Federation

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[2008-07-10] Home - Soon it will be available the Official WMOC 2008 Portugal DVD! You may order yours through the following e-mail press@wmoc2008.fpo.pt.

[2008-07-10] Portugal 'O' Events - If you want to visit us again next year, please have a look at the WRE international events that we will organize in the next Carnival week: Portugal O Meeting (Mora - 21st to 24th Feb 2009) and XI Meeting Orientação do Centro (Pataias - WMOC 2008 area - 28th Feb and 1st Mar 2009).

[2008-07-09] Maps - Several athletes already draw their routes on our RouteGadget interface. Feel free to share your routes and compare them with your competitors.

[2008-07-08] Guest Book - A Guest Book is also available if you want to leave a message.

[2008-07-08] Maps - The maps and courses used in competitions are available.

[2008-07-07] Photos - All Photos from WMOC 2008 Portugal available!

[2008-07-05] Media & News - Long Distance Final and Closing of the WMOC 2008 Portugal!

[2008-07-05] Results - WMOC 2008 Long Distance Finals official results are available.

[2008-07-05] Results - WMOC 2008 Long Distance Final preliminary live results are available.

[2008-07-04] Results - WMOC 2008 Open Race 2 results are available.

[2008-07-04] Lists - Long Distance Finals start lists available. Please, write down your final and start time in your bib, to minimize mistakes and/or delays.

[2008-07-04] Media & News - 2nd Qualification Long Distance Race also in Pataias!

[2008-07-03] Results - WMOC 2008 Long Qualifications 2 results are available.

[2008-07-03] Results - WMOC 2008 Long Qualifications 2 preliminary live results are available.

[2008-07-02] Media & News - 1st Qualification Long Distance in Pataias!

[2008-06-20] Carlos Monteiro, WMOC Event Director

[2008-06-20] Dieter Wolf, M55, SUI

[2008-06-19] Timo Teinila, WMOC speaker

[2008-06-19] Jorge Simões, WMOC Event Director assistant

[2008-06-18] Blair Trewin, M35, AUS

[2008-06-18] Mariett Matias, WMOC Media responsible

[2008-06-17] David May, WMOC Senior Event Advisor

[2008-06-16] Gottfried Tobler, M60, AUT

[2008-06-16] Tuulikki Salmenkylä, W45, FIN

[2008-06-16] Arvo Majoinen, M80, FIN

[2008-06-14] Fernando Costa, WMOC Marketing responsible

[2008-06-13] Sarah Dunn, W40, GBR

[2008-06-12] Santos Sousa, WMOC planner

[2008-06-11] Sigurd Daehli, M55, NOR

[2008-06-10] Alexandre Reis, WMOC mapper and planner

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